Our mission is to give customers the BEST Nutrition Value that they can find anywhere and to equip them with the information required to make informed wellness decisions.

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Test and Panels

RCA Nutrition is built on the foundation of science and the belief that you can reach your goals no matter where you are starting from.

7-Days Detox Course

The 7-Day Detox program is our leading course that helps you lose weight, reduce inflammation, and detoxify your body.

4-Week Group Program

Every year we run our exclusive Nutrition Group program.  Sign up now to be notified when our next offering will go live!!!

4-Week Nutrition Course

The Bio-Individual Nutrition program with teach you about the Nutrition that works for your body. It includes the 7-day detox AND the weight loss that comes with it is an added bonus!!


SUZI is all around amazing! Her dedication to her clients is unstoppable and she really does change people’s lives. My husband and I started with Suzi not really understanding the depth and detail of knowledge she would provide for us to live a healthier lifestyle. She discovered so much about the both of us and we have been living a happier, healthier life ever since. She always has a way of making you feel like you can do what it is you have set out to do, and she will get you there. There is truly no better or nutritionist to take your health journey with.