Genetic Report

We help people get to the root cause when it comes to diet and environmental factors that impact DNA and show clients the pathways that may be compromised . Through the use of the Genetic Report it may be possible to manipulate compromised genetics with nutrition and supplementation.

Our reports are some of the most comprehensive and accurate available, containing sections on Eye health, Detox, Tongue tie/cleft palate, Methylation, Allergies, Mold, IgE, IgA, IgG, Clotting disorders, Thyroid, Celiac/Gluten intolerance, and more…

Science behind the report

Our Genetic Report identifies single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs that may influence health and risk for diseases. This includes includes a variety of Methylation Pathway SNPs known to influence many aspects of health including those for:

  • Insulin Sensitivity
  • Bone Health
  • Cancer Risks
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Detoxification Processes
  • Fertility
  • Mitochondrial Function and Metabolism
  • Methylation
  • Neurotransmitter Balance
  • Important nutrients like Folate, B12, and Vitamins A and D
  • Possible Risk factors with different vitamins
  • Detoxification for hormones, chemicals and heavy metals
  • Insecticide Sensitivity
  • Antioxidant production and recycling in the body (Glutathione)
  • Response to inflammation stimuli
  • Neurotransmitters and brain health
  • Histamine production and breakdown
  • Energy and overall production
  • Blood clotting and iron metabolism
  • Follow up lab testing specific to you
  • Methylation and more

What is Methylation?

Methylation is a chemical process that happens billions of times per second in every cell of the body. Methyl groups are transferred and donated between many different molecules which change their structure and function. Methyl groups act like billions of switches which turn genes on or off, help regulate mood, detoxify hormones, produce energy, and promote healthy aging.

Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from the diet are needed to keep this process running smoothly. There are also genetic factors and oxidative stressors which can affect how well this pathway works.

Why is Methylation important?

Methylation is needed to create DNA and RNA and regulate gene expression. It helps make creatine, which is needed for skeletal muscle contraction. Methylation is involved in basic energy production, fat metabolism, immune responses, vascular health, and cell membrane repair. It produces and metabolizes neurotransmitters to regulate mood. Methylation also works to neutralize toxins and hormones.

Methylation defects have been associated with many clinical conditions including, but not limited to cancer, autism, ADHD, congenital and neural tube defects, cognitive decline, depression, cardiovascular disease, and schizophrenia

Here's how it works:

1.) Purchase

Purchase your RCA Nutrition Genetic Report here.

2.) Fill out the client information packet.

Your genes are the foundation to understanding your health and the roadmap to better nutrition. Other factors that are crucial to give you the best results include your current nutrition, your environmental factors, and your medical history. Our information packet is the companion to your gene reporting offering us a better picture of your overall situation and health.  

We will send you the intake packet when you place your order.  Please complete it and return it to us.  We will use it when processing your report.

3.) Receive and complete your Genetic test

You will receive your Genetic test in approx 5-7 business days from when we put in the order.  Complete the test at home with the supplied instructions and return it to the lab.

4.) Receive your Personalized Report

Once we have completed generating your report we will go over the results with you along with our recommendations.

More than 50% of people are affected by genetic variants in the methylation pathway.

Methylation can play an important role in many chronic diseases. By understanding your genetics you can prevent and address these conditions with the right nutrition.

Who may benefit from this test?

Individuals with any of the following diagnoses or symptoms:

  • Cardiovascular Diseases e.g. hypertension, coronary artery disease, stroke 4-10
  •  Neurological Disorders e.g. depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, ADD/ADHD, ASD, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine, insomnia 7, 10-17
  • Metabolic Conditions e.g. metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus, kidney diseases, reduced ability to metabolize medications, multiple chemical sensitivity 10, 18-21
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders e.g. osteoporosis 10, 22
  • Eye Diseases e.g. macular degeneration 23, 24
  • Cancer e.g. colorectal, breast, and others 1, 10, 25

  • Test Components

    • AHCY-01
    • APOE
    • BCMO1
    • CBS
    • CBS 360
    • CBS 699
    • COMT
    • CYP1B1
    • CYP2E1
    • DAO (AOC1)
    • DHFR
    • Factor 5
    • FADS1
    • FADS2
    • FOLR2
    • FUT2
    • G6PD
    • GPX1
    • GSTP1
    • HFE
    • HNMT
    • LRRK2
    • MAOA
    • MAOB
    • MAT1A
    • MMAB
    • MTHFD1
    • MTHFR A1298C
    • MTHFR C677T
    • MTHFS
    • MTR
    • MTRR
    • MUT
    • NOS3
    • NQO1
    • PEMT
    • PON1
    • Prothrombin (F2)
    • SHMT1
    • SLC19A1
    • SOD1
    • SOD2
    • SOD3
    • SUOX
    • TCN1
    • TCN2
    • TNF
    • VDR TAQ
    • VDR-BSM
    • VDR-FOK