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I specialize in Bioindividual Nutrition which is the science and clinical application of food and nutrient choices based off the individual biochemical needs of each person. I believe that we are not one size fits all people and should not be treated as such when it comes to our diets and nutritional needs. I’m not only a certified nutritionist, SIBO practitioner, and specialist in nutragenomics, but also a Master Trainer, you get the complete package, which brings the results you are looking for quickly.

 To determine the best diet for a particular individual, you must consider: digestive capacity, bio-individuality, family history, genetics, inflammation, symptoms present, lab results, stress and environmental factors, lifestyle, dieting history and hormones. The diet that’s best for one person, may not be right for another.  We are not one size fits all people and should not be treated as such.  Our dietary and nutritional needs are all different and so is the capacity at which they are absorbed.  I specifically tailor each of my client’s diets to help them achieve their goals and resolve their health issues.

I have my services set up so I can serve my clients worldwide. The way I do this is by phone consults, skype, daily emails, Facebook messages, video chats or texts. The first consult will be by phone. I come up with a plan based off of my client’s lifestyle, needs and goals.  Each day they check in with me and turn in food logs so I can keep them accountable and sticking to our plan. It also allows me to see what is going on with their diet and how their body is responding to our plan and treatment. I will make weekly and sometimes daily adjustments of foods and supplements that will help get them where they need to be. I work hand in hand with doctors and will order labs to see how the persons metabolism and hormones are functioning.