Simple Solutions, Extraordinary Results.

RCA Nutrition

We specialize in life-changing nutrition and lifestyle programs  individualized to a person’s goals and needs.

Thoughtfully crafted nourishment for your path to well-being.

Discover your food sensitivities and attain complete well-being.

Nourish your body with essential nutrients for survival and thriving.

Labs at RCA Nutrition: Unlocking Vital Health Insights

You've looked everywhere for Nutrition help and feel lost?

You have tried all of the diets, talked to all of the doctors, spent hours searching the Internet and you can't find the answers to why you feel the way you do.  Why your body hurts and is tired? Why you can't lose weight?  Why you have drops in energy? Why you can't get to the root cause of the problem and fix it once and for all?

We understand, we have been there ourselves

We are redefining the meaning of health care. Where else do you have 5 days a week access to your specialist? Where can you find life coaching included? Where else can you have a specialist work with your doctor to help shape the care that you are receiving? All of this and more is included with every package that is designed and priced just for you. Where your at. With what you can handle and manage. RCA Nutrition is dedicated to making sure that ALL of you is healthy!

RCA Nutrition Gift Card

Give the gift of Health and Nutrition!

Looking for the perfect healthy gift? Give a gift that shows you care. Purchasing a card doesn't just provide a meal plan, it provides support and encouragement so they can meet their goals.

Grab a gift card from RCA Nutrition today!

Nutritional Coaching

We provide Nutritional Coaching to help with:

  • Weight Loss
  • Genetics
  • Oxalates
  • IBS
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Depression
  • Chron’s
  • Brain injuries
  • Lyme
  • Allergies
  • SIBO
  • Histamine issues
  • Hormone balance
  • ADD
  • Anxiety
  • Chron’s
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Mold
  • Food Tolerance
  • Candida
  • Gut Issues
  • Thyroid Issues
  • ADHD
  • Cancer
  • Mast Cell Disorder
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • POTS and MCAS

How we meet you where you are at:


RCA Nutrition stands for Root Cause Analysis and is a driven focus on finding the underlying problem and applying corrective action to prevent a condition from occurring or reoccurring. It is the jack of all trades that masters in nutrition that works to eliminate autoimmune disorders, food allergies / sensitivities, promote weight loss, and is dedicated to your health!

We specialize and individualize your care directly for your body based on your Health & Dietary history, Genetics, Symptoms, and Functional factors.

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We are redefining the meaning of health care.  With options from online courses to 1:1 coaching to Supplements to Recipe ebooks, to Food Sensitivity tests, we have built products and services to meet you where you are at and take you on the journey toward your goals.  Everything we do is built with you in mind and priced with options that are affordable.  

RCA Nutrition is dedicated to making sure that ALL of you is healthy!

How we can help you solve your problems?

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Based on your forms, labs, etc. you will be given a plan that is designed to help you heal from your issues and is designed based on your unique dietary needs. 5 days a week coaching. You are not doing this alone because just knowing what you need to do is only half of the equation. The other half is having someone by your side helping you get there. Someone who is understanding of what you are going through. Someone who knows how to navigate through it. Someone that can help you stay on track through the changes to help ensure you reach your goals. When you choose RCA Nutrition, you are choosing a team member who is with you from beginning to end.

Choose this option if you want coaching, accountability and help to reach your goals

7-Day Detox Course

The 7-Day Detox Program is our leading course that helps you lose weight, reduce inflammation, and detoxify your body.

Choose this online course if you are looking for a program you can follow on your own to reduce inflammation and lose weight

4-Week Individual Nutrition Course

The Individual Nutrition course with teach you about the Nutrition that works for your body. It includes the 7-day detox AND the weight loss that comes with it is an added bonus!!!

Choose this online course if you are looking for a program you can follow on your own to find out what foods do and do not work for you.

ALCAT Food Sensitivity Test

The ALCAT Test uncovers foods and other substances that trigger chronic inflammation and related health conditions.

Choose the ALCAT Food Sensitivity test to find your personalized food sensitivities

Don't take our word for it

"She can really take look at your NUTRITION, and see the support and process of you HEALING."

Melissa's Testimonial - Started working with Suzy, 2019

"I started feeling AMAZING and my head was clear. I feel like I'm living LIFE how I meant to."

Lucas Howard - From Michigan

1:1 Coaching: A unique combination of nutrition and coaching designed to product results.

Our specialty is YOU, the person who’s wants high levels of success in life and business and that same level of success with your body and health.

The ultimate convenience is that you can do our program anywhere in the world, whether you are working out in your office, at home, or a hotel in Tokyo. You’ll never be too busy to take care of your body again.

Root Cause Analysis Nutrition is specifically designed for the person who values results and appreciates having someone help them get to the finish line. I’ll devise a customized program to accomplish your goals and set you up for success.

The benefits of our work with you include:

  • Losing weight without having to work out
  • Reversing Diabetes, Metabolic disorders, and Auto-Immune disorders
  • Ending the continuous cycle of being tired or exhausted
  • Healing the gut where the foundation of your overall health resides
  • Getting off medication
  • Life coaching included
  • 5 days a week access to help you as you go through the program
  • A specialist that can work with your doctor (if you want) to help shape the care that you are receiving
  • Equipped with multiple forms of communication to help stay connected and get your questions answered quickly
  • Extensive lab work options so that you can see exactly where your at and know how far you need to go
  • Support groups are available to help you through your journey
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The power of nutrition is found in the numbers. One set of numbers alone doesn’t tell the whole story. However, when you start to combine them together the real issues comes into full view. The body is also not a static system. It is growing, changing, and healing. Because it is dynamic, so is our approach to make sure you stay on track to reach your goals.

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No magic. No sales pitch. No rock band. There is just you, us, and a finish line. The line that we will draw in the sand together that says you CAN be healthy. You DON’T have to suffer anymore. There ARE answers to why you feel the way you do.

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The body is a complex combination of systems that work together. If you affect one part of your body, the whole system is affected. There is nothing healthy about shoving medication down your throat daily and not getting results. There’s also nothing helpful about licking every plant in your backyard. Our system is backed by scientific research and time tested results that are proven to work.

SUZI started my treatment with a detox because I was full of toxins and I wasn’t going to be able to absorb any nutrients or supplements without doing this step first. After a few days on the detox, I was already feeling a difference and my ear stopped being plugged. I was also starting to absorb nutrients, which was an amazing feeling! Then she had me cut out gluten, dairy, and sugar from my diet, so I could fight the candida. My acne started clearing up within a few months as well. Nutrition alone is so important and can change your overall health, SUZI helped me realize this!

Today, I feel amazing! I was healed and felt like a new person in no time with the help, knowledge, dedication, and support SUZI gave me.